“I have been going to Trimom bootcamp classes and running group for years. The workouts are incredible, and even if you are in a class, you will feel like the session is customized just for you. Definitely check out Trimom, I promise you will love it!”

~A. Milford, Waterdown


“In Dec 2014 I was introduced to Amy and TriMom and haven’t left yet! Amy is so inspiring and motivating! She makes you want to work harder and achieve more. Her classes are geared to women of any skill and fitness level and her running group has changed my life! I’ve made new friends throughout and love the comradery that the group and classes provide.”

~ T. Kenesky, Waterdown


“Whether you enjoy working out or not, Amy creates an atmosphere that makes you feel empowered and inspired. She helps you create, reach and surpass your own personal goals. There is no judgement. The door to her studio is always open, whenever you are ready to enter she will be there to welcome you!”

~ A. Shell, Waterdown


“I don’t think I can sing the praises of Amy/Tri-Mom loud enough. When I first started Tri-Mom’s bootcamp classes I was self conscious and shy about working out with anyone else. I was relieved to discover Amy and every single woman I encountered in her classes were friendly and encouraging. I love the intimate classes her home studio provides. In the summer, I love being able to work out in such a beautiful outdoor setting. Amy’s passion, humour and commitment is incredibly inspiring and her positive attitude attracts so many like minded women. Amy is an invaluable asset to the Waterdown community. I would encourage any woman who is considering starting a journey to a healthy lifestyle to go and try one of her classes. You will not be disappointed.”

~ K. D’Angelo, Waterdown


“I am not really sure where to start…..I’ve been with trimom for 2 years now, my daughter was 4 months when I took the leap and decided that I wanted fitness to be a part of my life. I never would have made it this far if it wasn’t for Amy , Trimom classes and the other women I workout with. I have over come injuries, obstacles, reached and continue to set goals. When you decide to start with trimom you are getting more than a workout class, you are getting a trainer that cares. Amy cares about you, your health and well being. She will learn your abilities, injuries and challenges and make sure that you can succeed in her classes. Small classes and amazing women! We chat,( in between if we can ) support and push each other. What more could you ask for !? I know it’s a bold statement, but Trimom has changed my life. I know Amy would say that I’ve done it all myself, and I know that I’ve put in the hard work but my results wouldn’t be the same without her.”

~A. Swirski, Waterdown


“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Trimom. Amy is incredibly supportive, and makes you feel great about every little gain you make. The workouts are challenging and are constantly changing so you never know what to expect. Amy is great at modifying workouts to meet everyone’s needs. Plus, she’s just a lot of fun! I always really enjoy my time there (even when my muscles are screaming at me).”

~J. Kott, Waterdown

“I love working out at TriMom. The workouts are very challenging and always changing keeping it interesting. Amy creates a motivating environment to work out in, she is so knowledgeable and entertaining. I look forward to going to class.”

~T. Fox, Waterdown