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Meet Ellen


I met Ellen a year ago when her sister introduced us and right away I was drawn to her passion about food and health. An hour flew buy as we talked about health and food, our kids, and balancing it all. She is always easy to talk to and anytime I have a question she has the answer or knows where to look it up. Most importantly she believes our relationship with food needs to be healthy, that there aren’t any “quick fixes”  that suddenly reverse a lifetimes miss use of food; instead we need to understand our food choices and systematically replace the food that hurts us with the food that heals us. Because food and the right balance of food does heal us, builds us and makes us stronger. I am excited to start this next chapter with Ellen; a woman who is giving, intelligent, sincere and a super mom. Check out Ellen’s story!


My name is Ellen and 15 years ago I was a hot mess of depression, panic attacks and debilitating hormonal issues. After years of ineffective prescriptions and unproductive doctor’s visits I had the good fortune to be introduced to a nutritionist who opened my eyes to the idea that food was the cause of and solution to my problems. I learned about blood sugar balancing, wheat intolerance (unheard of at the time!), healthy fats, probiotics and so much more. Within a few months of following her suggestions my health had changed dramatically and I felt like a completely new person. I was sold! Over the last decade and a half I have immersed myself in learning everything I can about nutrition and its effect on energy, mood, hormones and weight (loss and gain).

My friend Amy and I decided to start this blog after both struggling with health issues in our own lives. We want to help women be their best selves and to learn how exercise and nutrition can literally transform your life. More than anything we want the blog to show how fun and energizing healthy living is! It’s about nurturing, loving and challenging your body, (and sometimes your taste buds) leaving you feeling incredible.

Eating well and exercising is absolutely not about deprivation and starvation, instead it’s about embracing an active, positive, healthy life!

Spring is finally here!

I never thought I would be so happy to see +1 on the weather forecast. This winter has definitely been a long, deep cold winter and most of us are desperate for any hint that spring is around the corner. It’s hard to stay motivated when you are staring at the treadmill t.v. screen again because it’s -21C outside and no matter how committed you are, -21C is just cold. Too many of the triMom runs turned into core workouts because the roads or weather were horrible.

Ready for -19C temps. I never run with a scarf but tonight it's a necessity. It kept freezing from my breath hitting the cold.

Ready for -19C temps. I never run with a scarf but tonight it’s a necessity. It kept freezing from my breath hitting the cold.

But as I type I can hear the wind blowing in warmer air and the rain is washing away the last of the snow mounds. When you lift your face to the sky you can actually feel the sun warm your face – yes, I really am vitamin D deficient I think and ready for a new season. This spring I am introducing a number of new clinics for families and individuals that are near and dear to my heart. For me, exercise is always something that I share with my family. My husband and I go for long bike rides instead of date nights. We share are enthusiasm for the sport and for pushing our limits each time we go riding. My kids are getting bigger (too big, too quickly) and now go running with me or jump in on a workout; whether, it’s doing a few push ups, burpees, planks or just hanging out and talking to me while I finish off my last set. The point is it isn’t something that tears me away from my family but is something that bonds us together. Gives us something to do together, to share, to make time for each other. I can’t wait to hear about my daughter’s day on our run. She’s guaranteed uninterrupted mummy time, something she is always looking for.

My daughter completing her first triathlon.

Whenever we hear ads about gyms or making the time to workout, or the latest Pinterest post about fitness, the slogan is always about making time for yourself. Hey, don’t get me wrong I think we all need some time to ourselves but exercising shouldn’t necessarily be yet another thing that pulls us away from our family, making our schedules that much more compressed and stressed. There are more than enough things going on in our lives to stress us out. And the sad thing is our kids are getting less and less active too.

On one of our runs my daughter had a brilliant idea. She asked me if she could start a running group with her friends, just like my triMom running group. She said she wanted her friends to see how much fun it can be to go running with your mom or dad. She was 7. So starting April 27th, she and I will be running a Family Run Clinic for 9 weeks. We are going to teach everyone some key running drills, technique, how to pace yourself and most of all …. how much fun you can have running together, being together. Participating in an activity with our kids versus watching them and spending quality time together.

I also want to start right at the beginning, the same way I started. Give moms a chance to get outside, meet other moms while exercising with their babies. It really does start at birth. The more active we are as parents, the more active our kids will be. Now triMom offers a Stroller Fit class and when the weather isn’t cooperating a Mom and Baby class. It is one of the best hours in my week. A room full of adorable babies and motivated, beautiful women.


We do only have so many hours in a day. Or more importantly so many seconds – 86,400 seconds in fact. Each day we are blessed with another 86,400 seconds. How do you want to spend those seconds?
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