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Meet Ellen


I met Ellen a year ago when her sister introduced us and right away I was drawn to her passion about food and health. An hour flew buy as we talked about health and food, our kids, and balancing it all. She is always easy to talk to and anytime I have a question she has the answer or knows where to look it up. Most importantly she believes our relationship with food needs to be healthy, that there aren’t any “quick fixes”  that suddenly reverse a lifetimes miss use of food; instead we need to understand our food choices and systematically replace the food that hurts us with the food that heals us. Because food and the right balance of food does heal us, builds us and makes us stronger. I am excited to start this next chapter with Ellen; a woman who is giving, intelligent, sincere and a super mom. Check out Ellen’s story!


My name is Ellen and 15 years ago I was a hot mess of depression, panic attacks and debilitating hormonal issues. After years of ineffective prescriptions and unproductive doctor’s visits I had the good fortune to be introduced to a nutritionist who opened my eyes to the idea that food was the cause of and solution to my problems. I learned about blood sugar balancing, wheat intolerance (unheard of at the time!), healthy fats, probiotics and so much more. Within a few months of following her suggestions my health had changed dramatically and I felt like a completely new person. I was sold! Over the last decade and a half I have immersed myself in learning everything I can about nutrition and its effect on energy, mood, hormones and weight (loss and gain).

My friend Amy and I decided to start this blog after both struggling with health issues in our own lives. We want to help women be their best selves and to learn how exercise and nutrition can literally transform your life. More than anything we want the blog to show how fun and energizing healthy living is! It’s about nurturing, loving and challenging your body, (and sometimes your taste buds) leaving you feeling incredible.

Eating well and exercising is absolutely not about deprivation and starvation, instead it’s about embracing an active, positive, healthy life!