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London Calling

I promised better news and a better attitude for my next blog post. And here it is! I am so excited to announce this next fundraiser. Please join me on March 23rd at the Community Church in Waterdown. All you need to bring is your bike and speed/cadence sensor. If you don’t have one, we will have one for you. We have the trainers set up and waiting for you. This is an opportunity to test ride the latest in indoor cycling: Tour de Giro Online Cycling.

If you love Strava, you will love this! It is the best of both worlds, providing the challenge of a computrainer without needing a computrainer. Ride with your friends or cyclists from around the world online in the comfort of your home. The program is intuitive, always pushing your limits making each ride more challenging; making you better and stronger.

My husband and I were lucky enough to test out the program during the design phase and it blew us away. We have ridden on computrainers, we have the spinnerval DVD’s and the Sufferfest DVD’s. Tour de Giro was by far our best indoor ride. You can be in your house, plug your computer into your TV and suddenly be racing with your friends who have also logged in to ride or be racing against other riders from around the world, you are also constantly being challenged. As I mentioned before the program is intuitive. It grows with you, making each ride a little harder, a little more challenging. Giving you that extra push so that you can’t slack off. We all do it. Maybe not push as hard? No one is there, right? And it’s not like the guy on the DVD is going to call you out. When you ride with Tour de Giro the program always pushes you, there is no slacking.

I feel lucky to have Tour de Giro and Rock and Road Cycle in Burlington support this event.

So don’t wait until the 23rd to register, we have limited spots available so be sure to register at the Runner’s Den in Waterdown to guarantee your spot. Don’t miss out on this unbelievable opportunity!

If you have any questions give me shout on the site or through my email

Hope to see you March 23rd at 9:45!


Ps. A special thank you to my brother, Ian, and Ryder Photography for helping with all the promotional material. I’m pretty lucky to have such talented family and friends.

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