12 Days of Christmas Challenge


It’s that time of year where we are rushed trying to get everything ready for the holidays. To help you stay on track this season I’ve put together the TriMom 12 Days of Christmas Challenge in partnership with Fit’s 4 You in beautiful downtown Burlington. Each day you complete the challenge you earn a ballot, on the 13th day we will draw the winner at Fit’s 4 You. The prize – a $50 gift certificate to Fit’s 4 You. What better reward to a hard challenge than a shopping spree!

The challenge starts today, December 10th, 2014. Follow the link to the video challenge. In the video I demonstrate one complete set, each day you will add a set so by the 12th day you will do 12 sets!!! I know it sounds daunting but you can do this!! I know you can. It is 4 exercises with 12 rounds. You can go into the holiday season feeling strong and fit, ready for the New Year!

Write in the comment section below each time you complete the challenge (ie. Day 1 done!) with your name to be entered into the draw.

Best of luck and see you Day 13!!