Christmas Eve 2013

My eyelashes encrusted in ice after my run.

My eyelashes encrusted in ice after my run.

Most of you know about my not so secret tradition of going for a run on Christmas Eve. I tuck the kids in, bundle myself up, plug in my Christmas tunes and head out for a run. This year I added a few more layers than usual, it’s -19C tonight. Definitely my coldest Christmas Eve run to date but also the most beautiful.
Ready for -19C temps. I never run with a scarf but tonight it's a necessity. It kept freezing from my breath hitting the cold.

Ready for -19C temps. I never run with a scarf but tonight it’s a necessity. It kept freezing from my breath hitting the cold.

A few days ago Southern Ontario was hit with a freezing rain winter storm. Over 10,000 are still without power 3 days later and at the peak over 350,000 had no power – including us. My entire town went dark and simultaneously blanketed with a thick, shimmering cover of ice. The effect is stunning.


During the day, the sun kisses the ice, intensifying the light and making the most beautiful spectacle of light. At night, the Christmas lights are the back drop and the trees are the stars. The light from houses, cars and the moon dance off the ice, setting a stunning light show that only mother nature can create. It is breathtaking and peaceful to run silently through the streets tonight.


I use this time to calm to my mind after a usually stressful lead up to Christmas and recenter myself so that I can fully enjoy the coming festivities. I also use it as a time of reflection; about the year, the season, and family. This year my thoughts kept circling back to the group of women I am working with. I started a running group this past fall. It is a fun, social group that enables women to start running and hopefully come to love it as much as I do. I think it’s safe to say it’s a success. These strong, beautiful women run through rain, snow and blistering cold temperatures. Some days and nights they are dragging me out for a run. I love watching them grow and become more confident as runners and women. I know they don’t see themselves as runners but I do. And the title of athlete is not far off as they continue to workout and push their limits. They are proof of my personal mission statement: “I can and I will.”



This year brought me to new heights in my own athletic career and opened new doors to a promising career and friends. I feel blessed to live this life and to share it. I can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring for me, for my family, for my friends and for the women I work with. Our journeys have just begun.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!