Day 4 in London

My day started off with a phone call from my dad and brother announcing they were in the lobby of the hotel. They flew in this morning, my dad from Hong Kong and my brother from Toronto. Perfect start to my day. We had breakfast in a great little french bakery around the corner from our hotel and then parted ways until the team photo.
Today is suppose to be a rest day and for the most part it was and definitely a mental rest. At the team photo the family was able to join in; so dad, Ian and Peter were in the photo. I think it’s important to recognize the contribution and sacrifice our families make so that we can realize our dreams. It was a nice touch.

Afterwards my dad took us on a tour of his London so we headed to Covent Gardens for lunch. My dad showed me where my great grandfather worked in the fruit market that was once Covent Garden and then where my Great Great Grandfather worked as a taxi driver (horse drawn). Plus the various music stores my grandfather operated back in the hey day of the 60’s. Although I walked a little too much again it was just the break I needed before my big race tomorrow.

Tomorrow!!!! My wave goes at 9:30am. It’s crazy that over a year’s worth of training comes down to tomorrow. Either way I know there is a bottle of champagne waiting for me. If anyone wants to track my race or see my results before I get chance to publish them you can follow from this site. My race number is 20940 and I am in the age group sprint for women 35-39.

Before dinner I headed to transition to rack my bike. I met some more great athletes. Including another Canadian woman in my age group. We hit it off and were having a great time talking about family and racing. Tomorrow is going to be a dream come true!

To everyone who has sent me messages I have read every single one and will be rereading them tonight. To all my friends and family thank you for your love, support and encouragement. Every single one of you has helped me be here. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

And the country photos continue ….