Water Running

I can’t believe I am writing this post but I am a running water convert. I injured my foot 3 weeks ago …. running. I’m still not sure what contributed to it. I started a new training program to get ready for the Canadian Age Group Triathlon Nationals, the way I run or the fact that my right toe is so arthritic I am unable to get full mobility. It’s probably all the above.

Either way I was starting a set of intervals on the treadmill and started instantly feeling a lot of pain in my midfoot around my third toe or third metatarsal. By the next day I couldn’t walk on my foot and found myself in urgent care with the Doctor telling me it looks like a stress fracture, sounds like a stress fracture, feels like a stress fracture but I would have to wait several days for a bone scan for it to show. Until then, off my foot!

Introducing water running. It takes a bit to get the technique down but by the end of the second week I could do away with the float belt and run steady or intervals. Man, it is a hard and effective workout and I strongly suggest everyone should try it – especially if you are recovering from an injury or have joint issues.

I’ve been able to keep my endurance and strength up. Actually, I think I’ve improved my strength. I just heard back from the doctor and I have bruised the bone in my foot and have some soft tissue damage. It means I am back on my bike but my foot is still too sore to run on so I am going to keep up the water running. The true test will be when I start running again which will hopefully will be soon.

I have used this training guide to have structure to my workouts in the pool. Other than the steady run which can be mind numbingly boring in the pool, the workouts are fun and challenging. I will definitely be keeping water running as part of training program when my foot is healed. It will allow me to increase my running volume without risking injury and it builds leg strength. It’s fantastic cross training. Give it a try!