Rock and Road

It’s been a pretty exciting couple of weeks. I am working with Tour de Giro getting everything ready for March 23rd. It looks like we will have swag bags for the event! I met Scott, the owner of Rock and Road Cycle in Burlington, who is sponsoring London Calling and who is now sponsoring ME! Yep, that’s right! Rock and Road is the official bike shop for triMom!

My husband and I are always checking out new bike shops, seeing what they have to offer, dreaming up wish lists for our bikes. We thought we had been to all the shops in the area but one night we were driving home and passed Scott’s shop. It was too late to pop in so we made a mental note to check it out. Best decision we made! My husband was shopping for a new seat post for his bike and what he wanted was on the expensive end. He went to Rock and Road and found what he was looking for at the best price. Within the week he was off and riding. Each time we price out parts Rock and Road has the best price, so when the owner’s of Tour de Giro asked what bike shop I’d recommend – Rock and Road was top of the list.

It’s not just price that makes Rock and Road so attractive to us, it’s the service too. We play a game when we go into bike shops looking for gear I need to see if the salesperson is going to talk to me or my husband about the product and if they are going to take me seriously. Especially this year. Most of the gear I bought was when I first started and I didn’t want to invest too much not knowing how far I would go. So now we are investing in quality gear. Shops either take me seriously or give me a little chuckle and dismiss me. I hate to say it but majority of shops fall in the latter group. It is hard enough to find quality race gear for women as we are not the target market in North America. I have gone to Mountain Equipment Co-op most of the time. They sell real cycling clothes for women that are equal in quality and fit to men without covering it in flowers and various shades of pink.

Looking for shoes is the perfect example of the gap in women’s products. There are either entry-level tri shoes for women maybe in 1 or 2 styles. For men there are at least 4 low-end options and a mid range plus the high-end version – all in the stores. For women there is only the low-end and high-end. There is no mid range and the high-end isn’t carried in the stores, you have to specially order it. It’s frustrating to say the least.

And this attitude of women being a secondary market carries through to a lot of bike shops. I can count on one hand the number of shops, and we have been to a lot of shops, that have taken me seriously as an athlete and Rock and Road is one of those shops. Like I said I have only had this experience a few times. Brant Cycle, Blacksmith Cycle in Toronto where I bought my new Lake tri-shoes and had my Retul bike fitting, and Rock and Road – my new go to bike shop!

If you have a minute you should drop by Rock and Road and check out the store. It’s time to get your bike tuned up and ready for the road. I was out riding this weekend. It was a little surreal to be riding on a sunny day in 10 degree weather surrounded by snow but it was so nice to be back on my bike. I didn’t manage to snap a picture of myself riding but here is a shot of my husband and his buddies enjoying the weekend.IMG_2274IMG_2275 Riding season is just right around the corner. You don’t want to miss a day riding because you were late in getting your bike to the shop. And if you are a newby looking to get set up, you can go to Rock and Road and know that you won’t be talked into something you don’t need. They’ll help you find the right bike for you.

And don’t forget to register for London Calling on March 23rd!! I am so excited about this event. The ride will be amazing. There are only 18 spots in total. Please don’t wait until the day to register.