The Best Laid Plans

This is my third draft today about training plans which is about as successful as I’ve been in trying to write my actual training plan this week. And yes, I know it’s the off season but that’s when your training schedule is most needed. It’s easy to lose focus in the off season. Whether you raced your first tri this year or your a veteran you worked hard this summer and the fall is when you get to take a break, reduce your intensity, maybe even try a new activity but you need to keep moving. That’s where your training plan comes into play.

In saying that I hate training plans; well not the plan itself, I hate writing training plans. I struggle finding that balance of the right training volume, my children’s needs, my husband’s work schedule and his training schedule, and time with my friends. Housework …. it’s a last thought and my house is a testament to that. But traditional training plans just don’t cut it.

I spent hours searching the web last year trying to find a plan that would get me to my goal of qualifying for Worlds while fitting my lifestyle requirements and I came up empty handed. The underlying problem with all of the plans was an assumption of having blocked time to train (ie. 2hrs+) and an ability to consistently train each day. I have neither. Simply put they aren’t flexible. I need a plan that is fluid and adaptable.

Peter is out of the house by 5:00am and he doesn’t get home until after 5:00pm. My older two are at school but I still have my youngest. I try to fit in 3 swims, 3 bikes, 3 runs and 2-3 strength training sessions a week. For the next 3-4 months my focus is on aerobic capacity and strength training, so I need longer blocks of time to do that. The question is how to make it work and that brings me back to why I hate writing training plans. I spent more time than I’d like to admit swearing at the computer trying to make it all fit. It’s like trying to put together a puzzle but the picture keeps changing. By the end of last night I came up with a plan that I think will work. I have 11 hours of training per week when everything is going to plan.

And that’s why I need a flexible schedule. Today I was supposed to be at the pool working on my homework (distance sets of 400m) while my baby girl was playing in kinder gym. Maybe even a run after. Instead, she has a sky high fever, has puked on me and overall she’s having a rough day. So right now I’m sitting on my trainer listing to the “I feel like superman” mix on Songza typing this post while she is watching Sagwa the Siamese Cat on PBS and the dog is lying at my feet trying to not to get hit by my pedals.

The best laid plans, right?