The Little Moments

I had a debate a while ago that it’s the little moments in life with your children that count, not the big moments. I’m not disagreeing that the big moments are important but what shapes our children are the little moments.

When I decided to try and qualify for World’s I was terrified. At the time I only told my husband and a co-worker, worried about what people would think and scared about failing. I had a few decent races up my sleeve but nothing stellar. Nothing that said “I am a champion.” So deciding to try for the team seemed like a huge leap. I believed with a lot, I mean a lot, of hard work I could do it but I was still scared. Scared of disappointing my husband, who had invested so much into me and equipment; disappointing my kids and my friends.

But this is where the little moments count. The best thing you can be as a parent is to be flawed. Every time my daughter was struggling in school I could talk to her about my struggles and why it is so important to practice. At the end of the day you may not win or get a perfect score but you can honestly say you gave it everything. If you let your kids see you struggle they learn that it’s okay to fail because it’s from our failures that we truly win.

I was reminded of this this past week when I was distributing fliers for my bootcamp, Going for Gold, to the local businesses in our town. We were about to enter the first store when my eldest daughter pulled my hand and said: “Wait mumma.” She looked at me and said: “What if they say no?” She was gnawing on her lip worried that I would be rejected and to be honest I was a little nervous too. I looked at her, squeezed her hand and said: “It’s okay baby. I’ll be disappointed but it’s okay. There’s always the next store.” So all four of us went in and asked if my poster could be displayed. Shelley at the Jitterbug Cafe was enthusiastic and asked the kids if they were excited. Their faces lit up. I couldn’t have asked for a better response.

We went to most of the stores in town and asked if they would put our poster up. I hoped someone would say no just so that I could show the kids it’s ok but everyone said yes. I live in a pretty great town! By the end, the kids were telling the stores why they should put their mumma’s poster up. I watched them get more and more confident, it was beautiful.

The little moment’s count.