TriMom Fitness Classes


Bootcamp Class 60 minutes

Fun, dynamic compound exercises focusing on bodyweight. Using free weights, resistance bands and medicine balls and other tools to guarantee a workout that challenges you physically and mentally. The routines are geared for all skill levels providing multiple options for each exercise so everyone gets the best workout. Every workout is different keeping your body moving and adapting. Babysitting is available for some classes. These classes are amazing to your health and you are going to start to see improvements coming in quickly, especially if you were leading a pretty sedentary lifestyle before getting started. We’ve even had articles written about our classes and results on health magazines! View the Website to read an example of one.


RINGS – TRX To The Next Level!

Applying functional fitness with body weight resistance you sculpt and tone your muscles in the most effective way. Rings allow us to not only complete a TRX style workout but also defy gravity by introducing gymnastic elements that test your core strength. This approach not only strengthens large muscle groups, but also the smaller stabilizing muscles reducing the impact on joints. Taking the strength of TRX and adding the flow of yoga delivers a fun and exhilarating workout. Rings is for everyone! Whether you’ve never worked out before or an elite athlete this workout will challenge you. Always growing with you, never plateauing!



High Intensity Interval Training is proven to be an effective efficient workout in 20 minutes (5 minutes warm up and 5 minutes cool down) or less by improving your endurance and power output by using short burst of intense effort broken up with short rest periods. By using a variety of body weight exercises and cardio bursts we push you out of your comfort zone delivering a sweaty, rewarding workout. Test your grit and see what you are truly made of. Amaze yourself with what you can accomplish in 20 minutes!


Strength & Power

Taking the focus back to technique. This class uses free weights to hone lifting technique and/or learn how to lift weight. Teaching traditional and Olympic style lifts to build mass and improve overall strength.



High Intensity Interval Training uses short intense bursts of cardio and strenght exercises to reach your fitness goals in a fast effective workout. HIIT Box takes this idea and adds the fun of boxing. Alternating boxing and kickboxing drills using heavy bags with traditional HIIT body weight exercises creates the most empowering, satisfying workout you’ve ever completed. Not only do you burn calories, shred your body but you learn how to properly throw a jab, cross hook and much more. Unleash all the frustration, stress, and pressure of your day on the bag and walk out a new person. This class is the must!!


$80      6 Class Pass

$150   12 Class Pass

$120   All Access Monthly Pass

Plus HST of 13%


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